Mellsavon Whip Face Wash (Floral Herb) 150g 日本冷壓保濕洗面慕絲(花草)



“Mellavon” is a product that combines Saponaria officinalis leaf Extract, which can be thought of as natural soap, together with soap nutrients to gently and fully wash the skin. It brings a natural moistness to the skin without impeding the skin’s original homeostasis.

“Mellavon”產品結合了被認為是天然肥皂的皂莢葉提取物和肥皂營養成份,可以溫和、充分地清洗皮膚。 它為皮膚帶來自然滋潤,不會妨礙皮膚的原始內平衡。


Made in Japan




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